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Our number one priority is to give your company the highest quality service so you can give the best possible care to your patients.  The outstanding nature of our service is truly the hallmark of our business.  Listed below are just a few of the areas that we stress to enable you to achieve the greatest good for our operation.

PARTNERSHIP - This is what Stanley enters into with each of the facilities we serve and it is the key to our operations.  We work hard to build relationships with the staff and emphasize open communication, always making sure they can work with exactly who they need to answer their questions, make pertinent decisions or necessary changes.

DELIVERY - We know how important it is to have the medications you need, when you need them. Stanley provides deliveries every weekday and, in some areas, on Saturdays.  Plus, there is a pharmacist on call 24/7 who can arrange for delivery during 'off hours' if needed.

EDUCATION -  It's a vital element in keeping abreast of the ever-changing fields of Long-Term Care and Pharmaceuticals.  We commit to help you keep your personnel up-to-date and informed by providing timely in-service presentations from our nurse consultants & Pharmaceutical representatives.

BILLING - We seek to make this area of business operation as seamless, simple, and accurate as possible for your company.  And by doing so, further enhancing your company's profitability and lowering your costs.  Our billing staff will handle all prior authorizations for Medicare Part D, aid in Part D applications, and patient status verifications.  We also take care of all billing inquiries from patient's family members and want them to call us directly.

Stanley is totally committed to making sure we can offer the best technology available to serve our company and help keep your costs down.  Below are listed some of the systems employed, how they help us in our daily operations, and what that means for you, our valued customer.

FRAMEWORK LTC PHARMACY SOFTWARE enables us to easily and efficiently manage our support of Long-Term Care facilities by utilizing automation technology.  It allows us to customize according to individual facilities' needs, barcode prescriptions to accelerate the data entry process, and assure quality during dispensing and verification operations.

DOCUTRACK is our document management software that receives and tracks all incoming and outgoing faxes and electronically forwards them to the appropriate technician through caller ID.  We can look up and retrieve any document related to an order from search criteria of date range, or the number from which the fax was sent.  This enables us to better serve you through greater efficiency in processing orders and managing documentation accurately.

QUICKMAR is an electronic medication administration record program we offer to our clients.  It simplifies and expedites the activity of passing meds while improving the accuracy of the process.  It can allow you to instantly notify us of changes, re-orders, and other important communications - all from electronic notification.  It decreases the 'end-of-month' paper work for nurses, saving your company precious time and money.

DISPILL is an innovative and patented multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy to administer medication. Each Dispill blister pack contains 28 individual blisters that contain a patient's prescribed medication for a specific time (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) and date.  When combined with QuickMAR, it offers an innovative and safe multi-dose system.

SYNMED is the robotic machine that we combined with the Dispill packaging system to provide accuracy and time savings to the multi-dose packaging system.

MTS ACCUFLEX is a machine that uses robotic technology to fill and label prescriptions. Customizing allows us greater accuracy while saving time in processing orders - which translates to added savings for your business.

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