​   Dispill is an Innovative, Patented, Multi-Dose Package

2D Barcode and QuickMAR  - When combined with QuickMAR, scanning the 2D barcode on each packet will quickly identify the drugs in QuickMAR that are included in the packet and will even warn you if there is a drug in the packet that the patient should no longer receive or if that packet is for another patient, date or time. 

Time Saving– Facilities tell us their med pass times decrease by over half.

Convenient – The perforated packet is easily torn off the sheet.  Pull back the label and the packaging can even serve as your portion cup, decreasing the chances of dropping a tablet while punching out the patient's meds.

Accurate - When a patient takes 10 or more tablets in one med pass, are you sure that all of them have been accurately punched out of multiple cards?  It is easy to verify that everything is in the multi-dose pack. 

Safe – Each packet is clearly labeled for the patient, date and time of administration.

Clear Labeling – Packets are clearly labeled with the names of the drugs in the packets as well as a picture and written description of each drug.

QA Tool– Easy to see if a patient has received their meds by a quick glance at their packet.

LOA Meds – Simply tear off the appropriate doses for the time the resident will be gone and everything is already fully labeled.  No more worries about whether the family will return the medication cards.

Decrease Waste – Weekly cycle delivery of packets decreases wasted meds due to patient discharges and order changes.

Fewer Meds/Cards on Hand – When everything is condensed to one packet, you’ll be surprised how much less there is in your med carts!

                        Bottom Line:  MORE TIME TO CARE FOR YOUR RESIDENTS!     

Dispill, QuickMAR & SynMed:  A Safer, Easier Way to Give Meds

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